Some spiritual teachers refer to the ego. The word ego means different things to different people. It is generally used in spiritual teachings to refer to the ‘I’ thought. For me, ego simply means the separate sense of self. It’s the sense of being me, separate from all the other me’s, separate from all beings and from my environment and who lives in a state of not enough, fuelled by fear and inadequacy.

The world as seen from the eyes of a separate sense of self or from the perspective of ego is very different to the world seen from unity or oneness. Oneness however, also includes the perspective of separation so in truth the perspective of ego is an appearance, an illusion which is one reason for the feeling of fear and inadequacy. Seeing and living as one with life has a very different quality to it. And it is because there are so many reports of how wonderful and peaceful and loving and full of gratitude that a life after awakening can be that, for some of us, make the search for wholeness so intense and so serious.

Awakening happens in your life all the time. In truth, you are awakened already because oneness does not see two of you. In oneness, all life is made of the same such-nes, the same indefinable, unnameable, un-knowable is-ness. In separation though there is you and the life you have. There is you and the mind that drives you nuts. There is you and the people, places and situations that you need to control in order to get what you want or to feel good.

‘But I don’t feel awakened!’ the separate self cries. The ego would have awakening as something that happens to it. It’s more separation. Me on the one hand and the awakening that happens to me on the other. When awakening happens it’s seen that no one is there to wake up and the slumber of separation was but a dream.

Is there anything you can do? Not with the mind, not with action. Being awake is simply being and being can’t be done. It can only be.

Can you be, right now? Are you ever not simply being, even when you are doing awakening?