Being as you are. This is the enlightenment that cannot be avoided. At every moment through life you are already being as you are. Wholeness does not exclude any experience and nothing is rejected by the unconditional love of wholeness. All of your calamities, all of those feelings and experiences that you try to edit out of the enlightenment story are welcomed with open arms. Wholeness is so utterly radical in its love for all life that nothing and no one is denied entry. Your broken self, the self you despise, the self burdened with guilt and tarnished by failure, the self that is lazy, judgmental, superficial, materialistic, even the cruel and monstrous self is held in the arms of wholeness.

Wholeness holds every child of consciousness in the arms of unconditional love. However you are showing up, you are being as you are and that is all that is ever needed.

May you rest as the being you are.