Nonduality is pointing to the wholeness that is life itself, so in that sense it is simply a word describing life happening. Can life heal itself? It certainly seems to at times. Funnily enough, life appears to have a preference for living! Healing is really ‘whole-ing’. Life is already whole and complete and you are life happening so it follows that you too are whole and complete, despite the appearance of a separate self that at times feels incomplete or unhealthy.

My seeking for enlightenment initially grew out of the experience of surviving cancer and in the early days of recovery and treatment my focus was very much on healing. Despite the doom and gloom from some of my doctors, there were many times when I simply knew in my heart that I was already healed and that even if my body were to succumb to the disease, what I really was could never die and could not be destroyed. I had no way of communicating this knowing at the time but it was very, very ordinary and very familiar.

It was and is however, all simply life happening. Even illness or death is life happening. Life can’t get living wrong, because there is only life. In the woods near where I live, there is a festival of birth and death; a ‘dead’ tree is really just a creepy crawly dance of aliveness. In your body at this precise moment cells are dying and being born and the line between alive and dead is not a line at all, but rather an intimate and inseparable display of indescribable intelligence and beauty where imperfection and perfection play together, as each other.

Can Nonduality bring about healing then? The answer must be yes and YES! Yes, because Nonduality is simply a description of life happening and life happens as the appearance of doctors and nurses and energy healers and ointments and remedies and those appearances often bring about healing. Life heals itself all the time. And the other answer is YES also because you and the mind or body that needs healing is already whole and complete and perfect, even in the appearance of illness or death or pain or suffering.

Nonduality is simply a word that points to the completeness you already are, to the perfection in the imperfect appearance of your individual self. It points to the healing, to the whole-ing that is happening everywhere. What happens to the damaged self when it truly sees that it is already healed, whole and complete?

Take a look and see what you find… or more interestingly, see what you don’t find!