This is the eternal discovery. Discovering that being is being all that arises is this living realisation. It’ so easy to settle and get comfortable with understanding or clarity, to make a cosy bed in the ideas of oneness, the phrases, the concepts. This misses the aliveness of discovering that all settling, all concepts, all conclusions are simply another way to comfort the me, to placate the seeker.

The real adventure is seeing again and again the completeness of every moment, of every scream, of every flash of anger, of every swell of sadness.. To see the completeness, the holiness in the heaviness of depression, the light in the darkness of being lost, of being scared… this radical freedom never leaves you, is by your side as the pain, the suffering, the light in the sky, the movement of breath, the dancing of fear, is by your side as your side and everything that happens here.

You simply cannot get being wrong. Even ‘getting being wrong’ or feeling ‘this is not being’ is being, being that. This is the good news. There is nothing that is not being, nothing that is not freedom. Being, freedom, wholeness is dressing up as pain, suffering, darkness, hurt. Wholeness is dressing up as seeking wholeness, waiting for you to see it parading all around you. It shouts out from the roadside, from the carpet, the horror of suffering, the pain of depression, of loneliness, of desperation… shouting out as the fear of death, as the joy of falling in love, singing as the flowers on the riverbank, dancing as the giggles of children, swirling through the streets as a carnival of diverse such-ness.

It is the loudest whisper you’ll ever hear, the softest slap in the face, the most loving kick in the pants that ever happens. You ARE what you seek, I am it, you are it, this is it!

We discover this every day, every morning, every waking moment that life dances as this. And it’s always fresh, it’s always seen for the first time. All that is left is gratitude, deep thankfulness for all of it.