When awakening happens it is seen that this is enough, whatever this happens to be. The ordinary is no longer ordinary but has an infinite depth. There is infinite depth in everything, in the simplest of things. A cupboard door, a pair of shoes, a bright harvest moon; they all hold such wonder.

In that sense, it is the end of anything special. After awakening, everything is special and so nothing is special. Nothing is any better or worse than anything else, it’s all part of the one miracle. Of course there is dizzying variety. A sunset is wildly different to a headache. Nonduality does not mean sameness, it simply means oneness.

In the end it’s all seen as a precious gift. There is no one who receives the gift so there is no one to reject it. The gift is life itself in all it’s appearances, the gift is this. You are the gift and so is the cupboard door and the harvest moon.