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Guided Practice

These MP3 audio programmes are designed to provide a way to practice the approaches I speak about here on the website. Every shift that has occurred within me along the path of awakening has usually come about after a period of practice. Practice is really just something one does again and again. In that sense, suffering itself can be seen as a spiritual practice – for me, the intense suffering from mental and emotional turbulence did act as a kind of spiritual practice, driving me into one Dark Night of the Soul after another.

There are other ways to live an awakened life however and taking the time, indeed making time and space for some form of practice is more likely to produce rich fruit in your life than remaining stuck in cycles of suffering and dysfunction. Even if you are reading blogs, watching videos of teachers on YouTube, attending retreats and talks, studying books etc… this too is a form of practice.

It’s my belief that until we ourselves begin to apply these teachings in our own daily life, we simply prolong finally meeting our deepest and fullest self. Reading about an awakened life, talking to others about it, even writing about it is not the same as living it when it most matters.

Where is our deep insight when anxiety burns like a fire in the pit of our stomach? What difference does our understanding make in the vacuum of loss and grief that follows the death of a loved one or the end of a special relationship?

So, I have created these guided audio MP3 practices to show you what has worked for me in the journey of integrating wise teachings and insights into my lived experience in the world. I sincerely wish that you find the same support, relief, courage and strength that I have found in choosing to respond to life in the ways outlined in the Guided Practices offered here.

With love