I’ve always been a hopeless romantic
which is plain to see
If you see me

As I am
Am I as

I am as
The hopeless the causeless
The clueless and blueless
drunk on the moon and
The riff of that tune
That plays when you walk
Or sit or talk
In the room

or the way the air
accommodates you so tenderly.

I am as I am and am
Swaying on a thread to and fro
Dizzy in love with the way it goes
The way it is knowing and showing
And growing
Or falling and settling
with the wayless and hopeless
Away way a-going

love doesn’t need hope
to love

you see?

The cause on pause
Is lost to the sea
Is lost to be found
In the groundless and boundless
Thundering sound
of the pounding of the sea

Of the heart
In you
And the heart in me
As one as I am
As I am as I am

A hopeless romantic
Wild and free.