There is a dimension here now, all around us and within us, that is already free, already awake, has already accepted what we alone cannot and is already happy, well and at peace.

The Heart of Presence is really just a metaphor for the dimension of your own conscious awareness, unified and at one. 

Silence, Space and Stillness 

All this talk of dimensions and realms, Spirit and Consciousness; Awareness, Unity Consciousness, Being, Presence, Unconditional Love, Pure Potentiality, Presence and on and on will, to most, just seem like a load of new age, pseudo science, self improvement style nonsense.

That’s one reason that I like to focus on what we can know and verify for ourselves, right here and now.

In my Guided Practice or Guided Mediation sessions, I usually begin by simply stopping and paying attention to the present reality of sounds and the silence in which the sounds are happening. From that point, we can become intimately and immediately acquainted with our own unique and direct experience of what all these words are pointing towards.

We can take the same deliberate and intentional approach to observing space and objects in the space around us; a chair, a table, a lamp, a window, a tree, an airplane in the sky, the clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars. All freely appearing and disappearing in vast, open, empty space.

The same with stillness. It may not feel it to most of us most of the time but there is a great deal of stillness in the world around us. Most of the objects in the room or the space around you, are relatively still. When we begin to deliberately and intentionally observe that stillness, the stillness in us (or the stillness from which we have our Being and from which our minds and bodies move) seems to recognise and resonate with itself.

Simple, Regular Practice 

What I offer in the Heart of Presence Guided Practice Sessions is a way for you to encounter and re-connect with the deepest aspect of your individual and our collective Being by using simple, regular and very ordinary practices that can help you live more congruently and in more alignment with the unconditional love and deep, deep wisdom of life itself.

In essence, we are returning to the Source of our Being and it is that source of life that is the teacher and the guide. We are what we have been looking for, and the light of awakening or of enlightenment is the aware, conscious and radically free Presence of you, here and now.