I wake. Drink water. Make tea. Check messages. Drink tea. Empty dishwasher, load washing machine. Make eggs. Reply to messages. Shower, dress, tidy room. 

Sit at computer. Begin work. 

Thoughts and feelings happen like that too. Just one appearing after another. I’m not good enough, I’m lonely, I need more money, I want to feel this way or that way or I don’t want to feel that way or this way. 

The interesting thing is, that when we really look, look with the clear eye of awareness, it’s all just happening in free fall. It’s not so much that is happening TO me… rather happening IN me. And while that might seem like some kind of bizarre mental illness, it is in fact the way of freedom. Of course, attachment can happen in that freedom too. One can easily identify with any of those experiences and construct a false self image from them. But in truth, those self images are only held up by thought. Without that, it’s just things happening… one after the other. 
It’s funny, really, when we see that. We don’t take ourselves so seriously anymore. And we’re more susceptible to love, to creative action, to kindness, forgiveness, to ‘right action.’

It doesn’t mean we don’t stand up for what we believe or take action to correct mistakes or work to correct the imbalances on the planet. In fact, we are more likely to live in more wholesome ways when we don’t get in our own way so much. 

Life itself is intelligent. And we ARE life… simply happening.