This past week I’ve been challenged to meet emotions, thoughts, sensations and story lines that usually we try to escape through spiritual seeking. Seeking is so much about rejection of those feelings, thoughts and sensations that don’t fit with our idea of awakening or our idea of freedom. Freedom is so free however that it includes all the crap we don’t want to deal with. At every moment life is shaking us awake with all the variety of a dualistic world.

Wholeness has to include the painful emotions, has to include the fear of death, the panic and anxiety at the thought of disease or breakdown. And so we are asked to meet all those rejected feelings, thoughts and story lines and see that they too are wholeness. We are asked to meet the thought that says ‘I’m not awakened’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m going to die soon’ or ‘I don’t want to go on’ and to see that it is not separate from the wholeness of enlightenment. Life is presenting these movies to us on the cinema screen and saying, look! There is room for all these appearances but none of them hurt or damage the screen, none of them change the changeless space of consciousness that you are.

Can you look now at what is appearing in your present experience and meet it, as it is? Meet adversity like an old friend or pain like a long lost cousin. They are all children of consciousness, all calling us home to the peace in which it all happens, to the clear and open screen of awareness on which the great variety of life’s movies flicker.