In the total free fall of life happening there is no one to argue with what happens. So anger flares, sadness descends, irritation prickles and any number and flavour of emotions, feelings and sensations bubble to the surface of awareness. Ordinarily, we argue with those feelings, thoughts, sensations and experiences that we have decided are not welcome in our story. We’re intent on improving our story, of only featuring the plots that please us and so whatever we dislike is rejected or avoided. Life however is never the same for very long. Life is constantly moving, shifting and changing. Clouds pass over a clear sky, rain falls, darkness descends, the sun rises and bathes the earth with its brightness and warmth, the breeze tickles the leaves in the trees, the ocean swells, recedes and swells yet more.

In our attempt to find the perfect story, we’re busy rubbing out the clouds, arguing with the darkness of night, insisting the sun shine at just the right level for our own preferences. If you haven’t already noticed, life is wild, is utterly free from any plan we might have for it. Again and again life reminds you that you’re not in control of the show. Fighting the way life shows up can lead to exhaustion or a moment of graceful clarity can shine the light of truth into your heart where the sense of separation from life is seen as the illusion it is. Suddenly, oneness with life unfolding is seen to be the way this is, the way it has always been. And in that revelation, in that thrilling revelation there is no longer anyone to argue with what appears.

The clouds pass over, anger sparks in the air, boredom or sadness smear across the screen and it’s all totally embraced in the wonder of now, the brilliant such-ness of being, being that.

Enlightenment is all there ever is, even showing up as an apparent you arguing with the appearances here. The beauty of it will break your heart into a thousand pieces, revealing the invisible, clear and thumping heart of emptiness, blooming as clouds moving, anger flaring, ego dancing, lovers kissing, sun setting and rising.