At the deepest level, meditation is what we are. We are the meditation of life happening. One of the ways life meditates, is to meditate as itself believing it is a separate individual, cut off from its source and that it has to practice at getting back there. That’s what mediation was for me for many years. I diligently practised and practised, hoping that one day I’d reach the home I longed for.

In seeing that we are the meditation of life happening, it could be said that anything is a meditation. Making tea, washing the dishes, walking to work, drinking wine, falling over. And many who adhere to a radical nondual approach (whatever in the world that is!) might say that meditation is just more separation.

But if meditation is what is happening, then life can meditate as you or I practising some specific, formal, informal or structured meditation. If anything is a meditation, then of course, meditation is included in that.

I’ve never suggested that anyone drop their meditation practice. In fact, I’ve said several times that structured meditation appears to have quite clear benefits to the individual. The individual is merely life meditating as that. And if I choose to meditate, life is appearing as me appearing to choose to meditate! If someone who was suffering with stress at work or a mental health problem asked me if I thought meditation might help, I’d most certainly say yes.

Anything can happen in meditation. It really is the ultimate non-practice, since meditation is not so much a doing, but a being. One simply rests in meditation. Resting as the awareness we are is what all this nondual pointing is about. It can be seen then that all activity, whether directly restful or not, is life meditating and resting. Resting as the marathon runner dashing past the finish line, resting as the cheetah sprinting across the Savannah, resting as aeroplanes zooming in the sky. This kind of rest embraces the opposite of rest. In the fire of nonduality, all concepts die and are reborn.

And so, I’ve put together a simple and gentle guided meditation for purchase for those who might like it. We read nonduality books, go to nonduality meetings, listen to nonduality podcasts and teachings. To my mind, a nonduality meditation is just another song on the radio, another picture in the gallery of life’s meditation.

Purchase and download the meditation here

You can listen to a short excerpt below.

May you rest as the being you are.