What a relief! Nothing to believe!

I have to admit that I struggle to describe this but when life lives freely as this, when the structure of separation is revealed to be but a dream then it is clear that there is nothing to believe any more.

In the story of me on a journey through time there is much to believe, much to disbelieve. But here in the fire of now everything dies and everything is made new. Everything is gone and everything is born at the same time. It’s not that one moment it’s all gone and the next it reappears. It is both here and not here at the same time. It’s mind blowing, so don’t try to understand it! Trying to understand this is like trying to catch great handfuls of air and stuff your pockets with it.

Trying to explain the revelation that there is nothing to believe is like trying to explain the discovery that there is no time. The mind is not suited to the task. The mind can try to use concepts like no-mind, no-thing, emptiness… images, non-images and on and on the mind goes, looking for a place to land, a place to settle down with a cup of tea and spend time with the concept of no time, to wrap it’s thoughts around the concept of no-mind.

There is nothing to believe because there is no one to believe it. Do you believe in breathing? Do you believe in now? Life doesn’t need you to believe in it. It is, regardless.

We believe that if we were to not believe in anything the world would collapse. Belief is so much about ideas, about systems, philosophies, processes, plans, agendas.

A new born baby does not believe anything. The newborn simply is. A tree simply is. You simply are as I simply am. You don’t need to believe in love, in peace, in joy, in harmony. It is the natural rhythm of life. That rhythm really gets going when you are not here believing in this or that.