One aware of or experiencing another is a dream. There is only experiencing, only this happening. This seamless, timeless, whole.

As a separate individual I see objects in space. I see the things in the world around me, other people, nature, events. As a separate self, I am most definitely here and everything else is over there, outside of me. Even my internal landscape is seen as separate from me as I can seem to choose to be aware of my thoughts, my feelings, sensations in the body and other sense perceptions. I can also seem to choose to become aware of myself, become aware of this separate me, aware of me happening.

Basically there is me and everything that is not me. We could say then my conciousness is one of object consciousness. There is me and all the objects that I am aware of. Objects here also refer to thoughts, feelings, desires, sensations, other people, ideas and so on.

There is another way of seeing the world and of experiencing life and that is what we might call the natural way of being. It is where experiencing simply unfolds and dissolves, moment by moment. It is freedom within the very happening of experiences, There is no longer anyone to be be free from anything. Everything then is simply an expression of the the only thing that is; being, freedom, wholeness, oneness.

When there is no one arguing with life, playing the manager of life who is always busy accepting, rejecting, modifying, editing, improving and moving the various elements of experience around, all there is, is this happening, whatever this happens to be. A sunset, an aching head, the sound of music, the feel of fabric against skin.

Instead of object consciousness we could then call this consciousness consciousness. But that would just be silly. This has no name. The moment we stick a flag it in, it dissolves, like water running through our fingers. Being, wholeness, oneness is not an ‘it’.

Forever dancing out of the reach of naming because it cannot name itself. The eye cannot see itself.