Valeria Teles interviews Mike Jenkins — the author of “The Gift of the Present: How to Experience More Peace, Joy and Happiness Through Present Moment Awareness.”

The practice of present moment awareness take us directly INTO the raw experience of life in this moment now, exactly as it is. In that sense, our way out is through. Through the tough terrain we had hoped to avoid but with a totally different mindset and perspective than we have had before. We have practiced the perspective of egocentricity from a very young age, so have mostly come to experience ourselves as totally alone in the world, trapped within ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, our past and so on. In present moment awareness, we can quite rapidly become aware of a silent, still and spacious presence deep within us that is in fact not shaken by the storm of discomfort or pain we may feel is raging all around us. By stopping our efforts to escape, becoming still, silent and aware of the empty space around us and within us, we can make a connection with our own innate state of pure, divine presence. That is to say, we can make a direct connection to the dimension of Spirit.
from The Gift of The Present – by Mike Jenkins 

Practicing present moment awareness takes you directly into the reality of this present moment. So, if there is unresolved pain or trauma still within you in this moment, it stands to reason that you will face it when you become more present. But do not fear, whatever trauma that might be revealed is no match for the disarming love and compassion and healing kindness of the gaze of presence. This is the heart of compassion that resides in the very fabric of our awareness and which can untangle the most twisted of knots.

If you can sit and notice silence and space and stillness at the very moment you are experiencing the arising of fear, pain, suffering, anxiety, panic, sadness, depression, grief, craving, despair or any other form of troublesome human experience then you will be presenting that human suffering directly to the heart of presence and therefore to unconditional love. Remaining present as you move through any kind of pain will bring the light of pure love to that pain and aid your recovery from it and your passage through to a renewal and regeneration of that part of yourself.

Mike began exploring Spiritual Practice with a voracious zeal after a diagnosis of cancer at the age of 29. In 2010, he began to experience more profound changes in his perception of himself, others and of life and began writing about this on a blog. He has given talks in Leicester, Yorkshire, Lancaster, London and Brighton, recorded dozens of videos on YouTube, was interviewed on the popular Spiritual Awakening video series Buddha at the Gas Pump and has written many articles and short eBooks.

Mike currently hosts regular weekly and monthly Present Moment Awareness Group sessions on Zoom, offers private guided sessions for individuals and shares articles, eBooks and Guided Audio Meditations through his website.