We spend so much time and energy rejecting the reality of what is. A feeling of boredom or restlessness shows up and we want to work out why it’s there or what it means or how to get rid of it. Sadness arises or anger or frustration and we want to analyse and process it away. What is wrong with all these very human experiences?

What seems to be wrong with them is I don’t like them. They happen to me and I don’t like it so I refuse to let them in, I do all I can to stage manage them away. But have you noticed that the unwanted feelings, thoughts and sensations don’t simply just vanish because we processed them or understood where they came from? Have you noticed that what you resist, persists? They might leave you alone for a day or an hour, but soon enough life presents another serving.

When we honestly feel whatever we feel, the unwanted simply moves on of it’s own accord, like it did when we were very young children. What you are is the space in which all of this phenomena occurs and so the forms of feelings, thoughts and sensations have always been free to come and go. When we analyse and process them however, they are not as free to go as they might have been. We capture them in our mind analysis nets and bring them back to the shore where we dissect them and run tests on them. In a kind of perverse way we are fascinated by those feelings we don’t like to experience and this poring over the details simply means the separate me has got in the way of the natural flow of energy happening.

After all, what actually is boredom? We call it boredom but we have no idea what it is. What I experience as boredom in my body/mind could be very different to the set of sensations and emotions you call boredom. In the end, every experience is a deep mystery. It’s all just life energy, showing up for a while and then moving on, leaving the empty space free for something else to happen.

When we are not getting in the way of this flow, then we are being the space that we truly are.