What if none of it mattered?

I’m too lazy, I get angry too easily, I should be more forgiving, I ought to exercise more or work harder.

So what?

In the game of becoming a ‘better’ person there is always something else to work on. There will always be something about yourself you’re not happy with or that other people are not happy with.

In seeing the perfection of everything just as it is, warts and all, the seriousness in the game of being a better person fades away. I’m not saying don’t work harder or don’t exercise. I’m not saying sit around all day and do nothing. Life shows up in a stunning variety of ways, so it might show up as you being lazy or it might show up as you running a marathon. The miracle is in life showing up as anything.

So, I’m lazy. So I don’t exercise enough. So I go and do some work. So I run a marathon. So the birds fly from tree to tree, so the clouds scud across the sky, so the heart beats, the sea roars, the rain falls.

This is a stunning miracle, no matter how life shows up. It’s not a contest, whatever our culture suggests.