There are many reasons why we may personally want to return to an inner and outer state of peace, power, tranquility, creativity, joy, happiness and wholeness. Every human arrives here with pain and no one is immune from suffering, old age and death. So, we all have plenty of good reasons to seek healing and wholeness for ourselves.
And yet, we are not only returning to a state of Open Hearted Presence for ourselves alone.

Enlightened Self Interest can often simply be a convenient way to excuse our lack of compassion for others or a way to avoid really confronting our wanton disregard for the precious planet that sustains us.

However, there really is a genuine and observable healing effect on the whole of creation when we ourselves return to the sanity of an awakened heart. Every experience in life can be seen as a call back home to Love.

So, we turn toward this realm of Presence not only because it benefits us directly (which it does) but also because we are not separate from each other and not separate from the environment in which we exist.

My dear friend and teacher Francis, once said that the World Needs an Awakened Heart – it is waiting for us to re-discover the Heart of Presence and when we do, even momentarily, the heavens sing.