Come home sweet child! Look and see that wherever you are, you are home. You needn’t journey one step away from where you are to be home. Home in and as the feeling of loneliness, in and as the desperation even of searching for home.

Look! What is this? Yearning maybe, longing for satisfaction, for fulfilment, for home. Longing to sit and rest and simply be. Look! It’s already happening. Happening as the very sensations of seeking. What is it after all, this yearning? What do you find when you look at it? Whenever I look, I find everything I am not. I find thoughts and I know I am not thoughts. I find feelings and I know I am not feelings. I find memories, desires, sensations and I know that I not a memory, desire or sensation.

What I am and what you are, cannot be found and yet it is all there is! We give it names of course but every name creates a new, separate concept that we then try journey to. We call it conciousness and then try to establish ourselves in or as that, we call it awareness and then try to develop or become that, we call it home and then try to reach or be that. And all the while this unspeakable, unnameable grace dances as you looking for this grace, always home as all appearances.

Your time away was but a dream. A bright, colourful and at times terrifying dream and yet all the while you were exactly where you’ve longed to be. Welcome home beautiful one.