The Heart of Presence

Returning Home to 

Your True Self

“In the empty space of your own awareness, Wisdom is playing as YOU with intelligent Love in the world…”

Mike Jenkins


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Out of the silence comes sound and to the silence, it returns. We are being sung: by pure potentiality and for the joy of creating. 

About Mike

Mike Jenkins trained as an actor and has worked in theatres in London and around the country. He later worked as a performing arts teacher and customer services trainer and now creates and manages websites to help people connect with their audience. He has written two stage plays, a growing collection of poetry and has always been drawn to expressing his own perception and perspectives and exploring that of others, through the creative arts. Mike loves to talk, sing, walk, read, write, cook, eat, sleep and to help others to feel and know the deep joy, grace and peace at the centre of all life.
Life Moves Us…
Mike writes here about his journey into awakening and how that experience has informed and shaped his life since. 

“As a young man, I experienced many years of emotional and mental suffering and after a serious physical illness in my late twenties, began seeking for relief and for answers to my questions from spirituality, teachers and from spiritual practices. Like so many of us, my seeking was initially a form of spiritual consumerism, fuelled by the desire to experience less pain and discomfort and more pleasure and happiness and for many years was concerned chiefly with self improvement (some of which was effective) and with creating a more fulfilling and satisfying life experience.

However, I always ended up returning to the same old familiar sense of discomfort, dissatisfaction and lack. For most of my early adulthood, I assumed that all human beings (and indeed all expressions of sentient life) lived in a state of incomplete yearning, a deeply dissatisfying state of feeling forever unfinished, of never really arriving anywhere, of feeling permanently hungry and utterly tormented by that. Eventually, the persistent pressure of that brought the structure of my separate self to collapse.

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Mike has been writing this blog since 2010, exploring his direct experience of spiritual awakening, inquiry and the effect that has had in his every day life. The first year of entries were compiled into a book, ‘The Nonduality Diary’ with accompanying reflections and commentary from Mike in 2012. Read the blog posts and articles here.


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