I know nothing.. nothing knows me… and nothing as it turns out, is a lot. Nothing is emptiness, is silence, is space. There’s a lot of that about, within and without.

Silence and space are the the only true teachers. When you need clarity, space helps. When you need to think, silence helps.

Along with the words on this expanse of white screen, there is a whole lot of nothing.. the blank space where the words appear.. in deep space, there is a whole lot of nothing, where worlds spin.


In order to really know
I must un-know


I must know nothing, really know it. Know silence, know space, know love, know presence as myself.

Space is love. Silence is love. Nothing, it turns out, is not nothing at all. It is the love of pure allowing.. it is unconditional. This love, this space allows and accepts everything in it. ALL of it.

There is not so much to teach as to un-teach. Not so much to learn but un-learn. Un-learn the habits of mind that continually seek for something to fill the gap, to fill the space, to fill the silence with something.

This doesn’t mean don’t think or don’t use the mind… it means do not let the mind use you. The mind in service of love is truly a beautiful thing. In service of fear… well, look around, read the papers or watch the news on TV.

With love, with a whole lot of nothing