It’s so easy to become convinced that what you are looking for is out there, separate from you, in the future. Or that what is missing is some special, exciting, illuminating or exotic experience that some teacher, author or guru has had that you now need to have.

The gloriously ordinary truth is much more immediate and much closer than that. It is simply the knowing that you are. The knowing that you are present and aware.

But don’t take my word for it! Verify this for yourself. Look at present experience for yourself. You know that you are. The fact of your being is doubtless. And this being you are, this being that is happening is aware. This knowing is not of the mind. It is known through the being of it. It’s not in the least bit esoteric. It’s not at all mysterious. This knowing and being that you are has always been here, which is why so many people feel that seeing it is so familiar. It is what you are. You have simply overlooked it in favour of some imagined, special state to reach in the future.

Your present being awareness is not a state. It does not come and go. Look at this moment and notice what is here: thoughts, feelings, sensations, words, hearing, smells, sights, images and so on. Are they forever abiding? Do they remain fixed? Thoughts come and go, feelings come and go, sights, sounds, smells, sensations, images all come and go, flickering in and out of awareness.

But what does NOT come and go? What is always here? What is always here when you look at it?

It is your own sense of present moment awareness. That never leaves. It never came and will never go. It is your eternal, infinite, natural state of present moment being.

And you can know it, directly, right now for yourself. That is the invitation here. The invitation to directly know your own sense of present moment being.