Just when you think you can’t love any more, when you get to the point where you think your love is spent, something splits and cracks open… and wide inside, rooms burst open, the house is suddenly a mansion.

With every heart break, the heart gets bigger not smaller. Feeling love and feeling loss and feeling grief and feeling pain wasn’t, after all, the end of the loving heart but it’s re-birth. For love my dear friends can never die and there is nothing it cannot hold.

And so I dare… I dare to be so bold, to say again and again, and again and again, to let it be told – I do love you, I do love you, as you are, weak or strong, young or old.

For I am only ever meeting myself, in guises I may have forgotten, in robes I may not yet know… and sometimes when we meet – on a subway train or up the side of a mountain in Thailand or sweating in a basement club or shuffling by each other on a cancer ward.. we may truly meet and remember… we have been in love forever.