I met love on the dance floor of a basement club, on a crowded New York subway train, up the side of a mountain in Thailand, on the cancer ward and on the Old Kent Road… and it told me:

I am everywhere, there is nowhere I am not.

You will never reach the end. The destination you so long to arrive at does not exist, so just enjoy the ride. Life is not a race and there are no winners and no losers. All of it is me, in disguise.

Look around you. All you see is me, dressed up.

And in those people, places and things that you see and think I am not present, perhaps because what you see upsets you or looks wrong somehow or is cruel or painful … there I am too, though I may have been forgotten.

It is possible for me to go unrecognised, to be ignored or for people to turn from me but I can never be absent fully.

Look! Look around you. You will see me everywhere. Love is not only the pretty, not only the enjoyable and pleasing and pleasurable.

When you know that all is love, when you know that you cannot get any of it wrong, you’ll get a lot more of it right.