What is it that moves me from the sofa to the laptop to write these words? What is it the beats the heart, that grows the grass, that moves the planets round the sun? Who speaks these words? Who writes?

Whenever I look for the source of the one who experiences all this, all I find is silence. I just find life happening. What we are is the welcoming of all experience. I kid myself that I’ve been looking for peace, when what I am is the peace that allows agitation, the peace the allows all colours of emotion and all flavours of sensation to rise and fall.

There is a treasure that cannot be bought for any sum of money. No one can give it to you, it can’t be taught or learnt about in a book for it is the reading of the book, it is the very being you are. Meeting this timeless, eternal such-ness is so deliciously ordinary and astonishing that words will never touch this simple discovery. Meeting the freedom you are is meeting every emotion you turn away, every sensation you cannot allow into the present moment. It is meeting all of life’s orphaned feelings and thoughts and experiences.

This treasure is the very being you are. It is all of us, all things are this. There is nothing that is not this treasure for all is made of the same mystery, the same consciousness. It’s all one ingredient, mixed up into ten thousand dishes of dizzying variety and flavour.

Enjoy the feast.