To: You
From: God
Date: Now
Subject: The Truth About Me and You

I thought it was about time I cleared something up. For ages now, you’ve been running around thinking that you and I are separate. You’ve been thinking and believing that I am some greater power or energy or entity that exists outside of you. So, I thought I’d better set the record straight.

There’s nothing worse than a rumour and this one has simply got out of control.

I am not separate from you. I do not exist in the way you’ve been told by religions and traditions all over the world, all throughout history. In that sense, this God that you’ve grown up with does not actually exist.

There is nothing that is not God which means that I (God) am everything and everywhere. Which means that I am you and all you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, think, feel and experience.

You and I are one and always have been. This is how I can forgive you, because there is no you separate from me that needs forgiving. You are a fragment of me and we are whole and one. We always were and always will be.

So, chill out okay?

You don’t have to stop being you. You don’t have to pretend that it’s okay to lose someone you love. It’s supposed to hurt, for a time. You don’t have to transcend or be more that what you already are right now. It’s all embraced by the love we are.

You can’t get it wrong. This whole notion that I am somewhere keeping score on everything is just nonsense. There is nothing you could ever do to displease me because there is no me separate from you or separate from the rest of existence to be displeased.

This is the best news I could ever deliver to you. You don’t have to travel any distance to be with me because you and I are one.

I’ve never left you.