Meeting this eternal moment is to encounter the perfection you are. Most of us end up with some story about ourselves that says in some way that we are not good enough, that something is missing and that something has to change for us to be at peace.

Discovering the pure emptiness, stillness and silence of being itself is to meet and ultimately remember that what we are in essence IS perfection and that it cannot be destroyed or sullied in any way. We can find that all of our stories of deficiency unravel in the clear seeing of the essence of life happening now, from which we cannot be separated.

This really is to die while still alive. To die to all identities and images we have of ourselves, however damaged and diminished or however grand and lofty. What we are literally cannot be fixed but is the space for all passing identities, experiences and forms. And when we die to the fixed ideas we have of who we are, we are born into the infinite space of now, the eternal moment of this, of life as it is.

I am currently offering some one to one Skype sessions where we can dialogue about what I call the Obvious Mystery; a mystery because we cannot know what it is and yet utterly obvious because it IS all there is.

If you’d like to book a session, please contact me to set up a time. The cost is £10 for each session.

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