The belief that awakening causes your life to become radically different, to transform into your idea of a successful life is a persistent belief in the world of spiritual seeking. We so want to become better people, to secure our future, to say we’ve arrived that we inevitably approach seeking with those goals in mind. I always believed that awakening would fix this broken version of me, would make this me successful. When it was seen this self was like a soap bubble and could not be found when looked for, it was seen that life was already being beautifully successful in every moment, even the so called dark or negative ones.

What is seen now is that the simplest and most ordinary of lives, the most ordinary and unremarkable of days is truly successful, remarkable and extraordinary. What is seen is that there is nothing ordinary about any life, nothing ordinary about any form that life takes.

And so it doesn’t really matter if one lives in a mansion, is loved by thousands and boasts an impressive bank balance or if one works in a regular office in a regular job. What is revealed in awakening is the end of regular! Being is the great equaliser, where there is as much success and glory in drinking tea on a park bench as there is in winning an election or a billion pound lottery.

Life is utterly successful in every moment, in every way it shows up. Totally successful as the sadness at losing a loved one, totally successful as the pain of a headache, totally successful as the bliss of falling in love for the first time. This is the revolution where the ordinary life is lit up, where its extraordinariness shines.