Resting in the spaciousness of nothing can be a welcome break from the pain and suffering that arises from the sleep of separation where there is only something.

Only something may point to you, me, us, them, it. This is commonly termed separation in modern nondual writing/teaching/speaking/sharing/pointing.

The other side of the coin is only nothing. To the separate self, resting in ‘nondual awareness’ or becoming still or silent feels very nice and it’s tempting to stay there. It might not be a problem to stay there or for some it might be a problem.

The mountains and rivers are there one moment, then no longer there. Living from the place where there is only nothing is difficult in the modern world unless you perhaps join a monestary or don’t have to work or raise a family.

The zen saying I’ve referred to here is not complete until the rivers are once again rivers and the mountains once again mountains. Both sides of the coin (nothing/something… no self/self… heads/tails) are included in the coin itself which is both and neither.

I am both Mike and not Mike. I’ll admit that being both Mike and not Mike is different to believing there is only Mike. In the end it’s seen the difference is one of belief, one of practiced thought. Being both nothing and something was always the case, so this is utterly familiar and radically different.