Emptiness is Creating

Here, on this screen where these words appear there is empty space. As my fingers move over the keyboard, words appear on the screen. Something is appearing out of nothing. More and more I come to know myself as this emptiness taking form in the world. The empty page on which I write will lovingly allow any form to come into being.

What we are is this emptiness unfolding, dancing and playing as all the various forms of life and it is already whole and complete. Knowing myself as this complete emptiness, I see that there is nothing lacking. What I truly am is missing nothing and yet continues to create for the sheer playfulness and joy of it.
For so many years, I believed that something was missing. I thought that there was something wrong with me and that I had to fix it. I thought that if I was more successful, if I just achieved some of the goals I’d set myself, if I had better relationships, better health, more money and more enjoyable experiences in life then I would be truly happy.

Life is showing me however that true happiness has no problem with the variety of life experiences. True happiness has no problem when sadness comes to visit or when anger flares. This emptiness that I am allows everything to flow in and everything to flow out. I realise that whenever I embarked upon any enterprise or any adventure, the joy of journeying, of playing and creating was so deliciously satisfying in itself. I never set out on any path to solely arrive at my destination. I do not eat to end the feeling of hunger forever and ever.

When I know myself as this eternal emptiness, I don't want this or that because it is lacking but rather I create this or that out of the wholeness I already am.