Over the last couple of years so many words and concepts have been re-born for me. The word and the concept of perfection stood alone for me in the past, separate from imperfection. Perfection was something that could never be achieved and there is of course great truth in that, simply because perfection and imperfection are interdependent, one creates the other.

It is the intimate play of perfection and imperfection that is so perfect! Imperfection is totally allowed and embraced in the play of life. Have you ever seen the beauty of something that is slightly lop-sided? Aren’t the first wobbly and unsteady steps of a child learning to walk simply perfect in their imperfection? And isn’t the sheer power and mastery of an Olympic athlete performing at the peak of their abilities perfect too in it’s more recognisable costume of perfection?

Perfect Playmates

Imperfection and Perfection play here in the open air. Perfection is whirling wildly among the flowers in the hazy warmth of the meadow, like a fairy lighting upon a lilac , delighted by this raucous peace, dashing into the cool of the glade in the shadow of the meadow where she finds her playmate Imperfection, impish of course, full of reckless wonder and mischievous abandon, the two playmates see so much of one in the other, in the wide open air where all games happen, where all adventures have already been allowed.