Planted in Happiness

Thich Nhat Hanh says in a beautiful talk that 'happiness is to see people around you happy'. I have been caught before in the trap of believing that happiness is dependent on conditions.. believing that when I have enough or am enough or give enough, THEN I will be happy.

And then I take a moment to look at this moment.. and find that happiness is possible now. I don't need to wait for the arrival of a certain set of conditions to experience happiness now. Breathing is drenched in happiness. Eating is drenched in happiness. Walking is drenched in happiness.

And being steeped and planted in the happiness present right now, whatever I create in the world and whoever I see is lit up with that happiness… even when who I see protests that they are miserable or unloved or ill-treated or forgotten or ignored.

Being rooted in the perfection that embraces all imperfection is to live a very natural and loving kind of wisdom.

I create my life out of what I am. And I see myself reflected back to me in everyone and everything I see. Sometimes I forget that what I am IS the happiness that embraces sadness, the perfection that embraces imperfection and the right that embraces wrong. And yet it only takes a fresh look at this moment to find reminders everywhere.