Here’s an extract from my short story, The Dark Cafe.

With much thanks to Nic at Nonduality Network for his time and expertise in recording the audio version of the short story. Listen to the full recording at

Transcript of the Extract:

Maria and her story of love lost, of suffering under the strain of surviving in the world, were simply not there. All there was, was the still, cool air, breath entering and leaving a body, the sight of the startling green reeds, the sound of water flowing. There was movement now, movement toward the bank of the river. Each step, it seemed, was a festival of life; weight on heel, sides and ball of foot. Life was singing this way. This was freedom in the very happening of life unfolding.

She sat by the river and slowly slid down the bank, her feet dipping into the water, then calves, thighs, hips and torso. The shock of the cold river was thrilling, never before experienced, totally new.

Her skirt billowed out around her like the viscous skirt of a jelly fish. She dipped her head beneath the surface of the water. The river was flowing, but not fast enough to take her very far. Words bobbed in and out of her awareness: no distance, no time, no space, no story, nothing. I know nothing. I am nothing. This is nothing, full to the brim, overflowing with raucous abundant everything; light, I am full of light. Her body curled and unfurled under the water, her muscles flexing, toes stretching. Arms, fins, wings moved through the water…or was it sky?

I am that, I am that, this water, these legs, this blood, this river. I am that, I am this… infinite, eternal, all and everything. No words, no name can ever find me. The moment I am looked for, I am gone, hidden by the very act of looking, I hide in your activity of looking, I am the looking, the seeking itself. This is just another way for me to be with you.