We struggle and struggle against the current, swimming upstream and wondering why we're not getting anywhere or wondering why we're so exhausted, so fed up and so disheartened.

We reject this moment and all it offers in favour of some better, improved moment that we imagine is waiting for us to reach it in the future. And when we get there, we wonder why it doesn't feel better, why we're not feeling at ease and why we're still feeling like something is missing.

Feeling that ease and peace with life was never about having the right kind of conditions set up. Believing that this moment is in some way broken and needs fixing always leads to a rejection of the perfection and ease and peace already here.

It's like we're holding a fishing rod out in front of us, with what we think we need or desire dangling off the end and wondering why when we move toward it, what we long for moves forward too, always out of reach.

There is no need to look anywhere other than right here for the ease and relief you think is missing. It's not in any passing state or experience, it's not in the future (have you noticed it never comes?) and it's not in any of the conditions we might insist be set for us to feel complete.

The ease and freedom you long for is already alive with all the ease and freedom imaginable… indestructible, secure beyond all limited ideas of security and is your true self beyond all concepts of identity, past and future.